Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Newport Bridge Photo

I keep thinking about the afternoon I took the shot at the head of the page.

My work had sent me up to Rhode Island for the week for some training, and through the entire week, I had seen nothing but the area around the hotel while looking for something to eat, and the highway to where the class was; so I decided to stay an extra day (on my tab, in case anybody from work sees this), and took a short trip to Newport for Saturday afternoon. As I was crossing over the bridge on the way into town, I decided it would look pretty cool with the sun setting behind it.

My tour of Newport started at Fort Adams, a former military base that's now a state park. Without a sunset calculator, or even a compass, I did some quick guesstimating, and figured that the sun would be setting behind the bridge as seen from the point of the peninsula on which the fort is built, so I'd be back later.

So I continued my tour (driving around town, walking most of the "cliff walk," etc.) and got back to the fort about an hour before sunset, only to find that my guess as to the sunset position was WAY off. I started driving back and forth trying to find the best vantage point, only to find that for what I was looking for, I'd need to be on the Navy base right behind the hospital- out of the question. I eventually found a tiny park right on the water near the foot of the bridge that had a fishing pier jutting right out into the harbor. I managed to click off about 20 frames before the sun had set too much. I almost missed it, but I think it worked out well.


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