Monday, March 15, 2010

Picked up a new computer last week.

I'll likely be babbling about this off and on for a while.
I had some MASSIVE difficulty (more aptly called catastrophic failure) with my last computer, so I replaced it.
I've since discovered that I need to rework (again) my backup scheme. I've had difficulty in the past with one or the other hard disks failing, so I backed up each to the other. So far, the "good" drive will not read, and for the other, I need to find some way to connect it to the new computer. The new one has no data headers of the right type to read the old drive.
I'm freaking out, because there's two years worth of work sitting on either of those drives that I can't get to- most of it is total crap, but I can think of half a dozen frames that I need back. I know I should have backed it all up to disk, and kept it in my locker at work, or a safe deposit box, or something... my fault.
While I'm on the subject of the new computer, so far I love it, but it's ugly as sin. I'd love to meet the person at Dell that decided that white sides, smooth shiny black front and top surrounded by a nearly red orange metallic bezel looked good. It doesn't. I appreciate that people have finally decided that the basic beige box we grew up with is ugly, but so is this.

That's all for now,



  1. I feel your pain... Something like that happened to me a while ago... I nearly lost all my wedding pictures because of a faulty laptop, which would be a massive inconvenience; I ended up paying a fortune at the local geeksquad who rescued that and some mp3 files that fitted in the DVD. That was a robbery but I had no choice...
    Best of luck with your blog, J... and with your computer.

  2. Thanks, P.
    I thought about going to the Geek Squad myself, if it weren't for the fact that I've already had one experience with them... bought a laptop, paid them to get rid of all the shovelware, install windows updates, as well as a memory upgrade. I brought the computer home the next day, could use it after about four hours of windows updates. About a year later I came across the memory packages, in which I had thought they had placed the old memory sticks, only to find them still sealed. So I basically paid them a large sum of money to give me a second backup disk.